Speedo/Tach not working – 2007 Suzuki GSXR 600

The GSXR’s seem to be plagued with speedo problems. On this particular bike, the owner has tried to replace the speed sensor and the speedo cluster. Swapping these components did not resolve the issue.

Here is a pic of the cluster, where the speedo, tach, and fuel light are not functioning:

2007 Suzuki GSXR 600 Speedo Cluster


Armed with the wiring diagram located in the service manual and a multimeter, I had a feeling the problem had to be located in the harness. After removing the fairings, the problem was very apparent. The unsealed connector located on the left side was corroded!

Harness Connector - Left Side

Harness Connector - Left Side


The red/blue wire was hanging on by a strand! I made an attempt to locate the factory plug/receptacle & pins. It was nearly impossible, and I bet the cost would have changed my mind anyway. The wire was repaired using AMP Faston quick connect spade terminals.

Wire Repair - AMP Faston


Any remaining corrosion was cleaned with CRC Electronic Cleaner. Here is a pic of what a properly functioning speedo cluster looks like:

Working Speedo

Frozen clutch plates – 1994 Honda TRX 300

This low use ATV came in with a hard shifting complaint. Also, the reverse lockout mechanism was not functioning correctly, where rider could shift into reverse under normal operation.

The RH side crankcase cover was removed to inspect the clutch. The clutch plates were found within specification and no signs of damage were apparent. The metal tab on the reverse lockout mechanism was bent, causing the symptom mentioned above.

1994 Honda TRX 300 Clutch


While the crankcase cover was removed, the oil screen was removed and cleaned.

1994 Honda TRX 300 Oil Screen


Here is the procedure to easily break the clutch plates free:

  1. With ATV running, shift from neutral to first gear and HOLD the gearshift lever in the UP position. This will engage the clutch.
  2. Apply front and rear brakes.
  3. Add throttle until engine breaks the clutch pack free. ATV should act if it were in neutral.
  4. Release gearshift lever.
  5. Take a short ride and verify hard shifting is eliminated.


Winter storage

It’s that time of year again. Follow these procedures for short term (4-6 months) storage to ensure an easy start up in Spring.

1. Add Sta-bil fuel stabilizer per directions. Make sure to top off the tank with fresh fuel, which will prevent condensation to form in your gas tank.

2. Change the engine oil and filter.

3. If liquid cooled, test antifreeze and replace if necessary. If fluid is older than 2 years old, it is time to replace/flush the system.

4. Inflate the tires.

5. Lubricate the chain.

6. Remove the battery and store at room temperature. Hook up a trickle or float charger. I have used Battery Tender and a cheap one from Harbor Freight with good success.

7. Cover the motorcycle with a cover or blankets to prevent collection of dust.

8. Wait for spring!