Winter storage

It’s that time of year again. Follow these procedures for short term (4-6 months) storage to ensure an easy start up in Spring.

1. Add Sta-bil fuel stabilizer per directions. Make sure to top off the tank with fresh fuel, which will prevent condensation to form in your gas tank.

2. Change the engine oil and filter.

3. If liquid cooled, test antifreeze and replace if necessary. If fluid is older than 2 years old, it is time to replace/flush the system.

4. Inflate the tires.

5. Lubricate the chain.

6. Remove the battery and store at room temperature. Hook up a trickle or float charger. I have used Battery Tender and a cheap one from Harbor Freight with good success.

7. Cover the motorcycle with a cover or blankets to prevent collection of dust.

8. Wait for spring!

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